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Free CloudFlare CDN Setup For your WordPress Blog.

Hello Friends, today in this post we will talk about CloudFlare and learn how you can create Free CloudFlare CDN on your WordPress Blog by creating Free Account on CloudFlare and how you can fasten the Loading Speed ​​of your WordPress Blog from ‘CloudFlare’ ?

It is probably not necessary for me to tell you how fast any blog’s loading speed is going to be, because most of the bloggers know that if their blog’s loading speed is slow then it will not be good for their blog.

According to the report of Internet Search Engine, if a blog takes more than 2-3 seconds to open the blog then 50% readers close the blog before it is open i.e. the first impression for your blog’s open speed users And he does not say the last impression.

Apart from this, Google has also added the blog’s loading speed to its ranking algorithm i.e., if the blog is open speed slow then that blog will never be able to get a good position in Google’s search ranking, due to which readers traffic) will also get less access.

Therefore, we do not know what all the bloggers do to make the blog’s loading speed superfast, that is, giving very little importance to small load problems from and also working very hard to solve them and they try everything. Fast forward our blog’s loading speed.

Today, in this post, we are going to talk about something similar that will speed up the loading speed of our blog, which is “CloudFlare CDN Setup” as well as we will learn how to setup free “cloudflare CDN” on your WordPress blog. Can be

What is CloudFlare CDN?

What is CloudFlare CDN Setup

CloudFlare CDN (Contend Delivery Network) caches the most popular content of your website on it’s strategically located servers across the globe.  Every webpage access request is served by a server that is closest to the requesting machine. Apart from caching the content it also serves optimized versions of your web pages by minifying Javascript and also provides anextra layer of security by challenging attackers and spambots and thus filters the unwanted traffic before the request reaches your server.

With all these features your server load decreases gradually and the performance increases. It would also serve cached version of your web pages when your web server goes offline for maintenance.   And now comes the best part – the Basic use of CloudFlare CDN Setup is free.

How Does CDN Work?

CDN is full form “Content Delivery Network” and as you can understand from its full form, the network of delivering content from computers (servers) at different locations in the world is called CDN.  Cloudflare is one of the most popular CDN providers today and this is because it offers you a free CDN plan in addition to the premium CDN plan, and this free CDN plan is perfect for any of the small blogs and websites.

Apart from CloudNare CDN Setup service, your blog also protects your blog from DDos attacks and malicious bots and protects your site from being strong. In the world of Cloudflare there are so many data centers on different locations where they store static files (images, CSS and JavaScript) of your blogs.

Then when a user sends a request from your browser to visit a page of your blog then the cloudflare CDN sends static files to your user’s user page from the user’s nearest data center. This is the advantage of this process that your blog pages are loaded very quickly on browsers, because most static files are being sent from the CDN servers to the user’s browser, so this does not waste your server’s bandwidth.

how does cloudflare  work

CloudFlare can fully trust the CDN because large companies like Google, Microsoft and Qualcomm support Cloudflare, and best of all, you can easily set free cloudflare CDN on your WordPress blog.


Free CloudFlare CDN Setup For your WordPress Blog.

Step 1: First you open CloudFlare website and click on Sign Up button.


Step 2: Now a simple form will open for you to create an account at CloudFlare, in which you have to first enter your email id and then have to set a password for yourself and then last click on the Create Account button is.


Step 3: Now CloudFlare’s dashboard will open in front of you and now you have to click on the Add Site button to set up your WordPress blog on CloudFlare CDN.


Step 4: Now enter your blog’s domain name and then click on the Add Site button. After this, you can select ClouldFlare’s free CDN plan and click on Confirm plan button.


Step 5: CloudFlare will fetch your hosting DNS and show it in front of you and now you have to click on the Continue button.


Step 6: In this step you have to change the nameservers of your domain, so now copy the CloudFlare nameservers that are showing in front of you now by copying them to your current nameservers and then click on the Continue button.

Last Step: After changing Nameservers and then clicking on the continue button, you will see the Pandding status show that it will take about 24 hours to update your Nameservers and then your site will be active at CloudFlare.


Important Note: If you have more than one blog, then you do not have to create separate cloudflare accounts for everyone. You can add any number of sites to a single account.

I hope you have liked how to post a free CloudFlare CDN setup on this WordPress blog. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, then comment below and share this post with your friends.


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